Shaped stainless steel profiles

We have been designing and producing stainless steel profiles for many years. Our experience has allowed us to become a part of the machining process and state-of-the-art instrument control and develop bespoke solutions for our customers, both with regard to the design of the section as well as for mechanical aspects.

Our shaped stainless steel profiles

Standard stainless steel profiles

With years of experience in stainless steel profile design and production, we use state-of-the-art tools to guarantee maximum quality. We offer bespoke solutions, focusing on the design of the section and the specific mechanical features requested by the customer.

Special stainless steel profiles

We design and produce special stainless steel profiles, combining experience, advanced technology and bespoke solutions. Our skills allow us to provide machining processes and state-of-the-art control, developing made-to-measure solutions based on the design of the section and the specific required features.

The applications of our shaped stainless steel profiles

Stainless steel profiles for tiles

Stainless steel profiles have a wide range of applications. They are used in the household sector, food, mining, petrochemical, paper and even the nuclear industry.

Stainless steel profiles for flooring

Stainless steel profiles for flooring, are used a great deal in the building industry, especially to create separation joints between the same or different floors of varying thickness.

Stainless steel profiles for fixtures

The stainless steel profiles for fixtures are used in the industrial and building sectors to construct and assembly fixtures. In line with demand, we can provide non-insulated profiles and the insulated profile.

Stainless steel profiles for glass

The stainless steel profiles for glass are used a great deal for protection and the visual enhancement of building interiors and exteriors. For example, for shower doors and glass.

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The packs available for shaped stainless steel profiles

Metal Spools:
Ø est. 760-1000 mm
Ø int. 430-500 mm
width 266-560 mm
capacity 250-1,200 kg

Spooled Coils:
Ø int. 400-500-600 mm
Ø est. max 1,000
width 150-550 mm
max weight 1,400 kg

length from 1,000 to 6,000 mm
Packing in wooden boxes or wrapped bundles

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