Stainless steel flats

The stainless steel flats fmanufactured by PPinox are used in a wide range of sectors and are produced using machining tools and state-of-the-art control.

Our stainless steel flatsare available with round edges and square edges with radial edges if requested by the customer, thanks to the use of high-tech quality production plants.

Our stainless steel flats

Round-edge stainless steel flats

Our stainless steel flats with round edges are top quality components produced with state-of-the-art techniques. They are versatile and ideal for a number of sectors. They have round edges making them excellent to manage and perfectly satisfy customer demands, with a guarantee of a technologically advanced production.

Sharp-edge stainless steel flats

Our Stainless Steel Flats with sharp edge are the ideal choice for those looking for precision and quality. The result of PPinox’s advanced technology, these flats are machined to perfection, guaranteed a sharp, honed edge. A choice of excellence, loved in a number of sectors thanks to its sturdiness and resistance.

Radial-edge stainless steel flats

Our range of Stainless Steel Flats with radial edge has been designed to excel in a wide range of applications. These flats make their mark for their excellent resistance and quality finish. Ideal for those looking for a sophisticated design with square or round edges, we guarantee an accurate customisation to meed demand. An advanced technology to achieve a project with first choice stainless materials.

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The packs available for stainless steel flats

Coin rolls:
Ø int. 400-500 mm
Ø est. max 1.400 mm

Metal Spools:
Ø est. 760-1000 mm
Ø int. 430-500 mm
width 266-560 mm
capacity 250-1,200 kg

Spooled Coils:
Ø int. 400-500-600 mm
Ø est. max 1,000 mm
width 150-550 mm
max weight 1,400 kg

length from 1,000 to 6,000 mm
Wooden boxes
Wrapped bundles

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