Round stainless steel wires

We specialize in the production and sale of round stainless steel wires, including ferritic, austenitic and duplex.
We provide a wide range of sizes varying in diameter from 1.50 mm to 12.00 mm.

Each one of our products perfectly complies with the mechanical features and surface finished requested by the customer.

The primary objective is to offer made-to-measure solutions which satisfy every application demand in the different industrial sectors. Our priority is your satisfaction.

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The packs available for round stainless steel wires

Spooled and Coils on Formers

Ø int. ca. 500 mm
h 1.000 mm
capacity 4-600 Kg

Ø int. ca. 500 mm
h 1.500 mm
capacity 7-900 Kg

Metallic Coils:
Ø est. 760-1000 mm
Ø int. 430-500 mm
width 266-560 mm
max weight 250-1.200 Kg

Coiled skeins:
Ø int. 400-500-600 mm
Ø est. max 1,000
width 150-550 mm
max weight 1.400 Kg

length from 1,000 to 6,000 mm
Wooden boxes
Wrapped bundles

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