Ppinox constantly invests resources in research and innovation, strategic factors for development. These are key elements that allow us to guarantee the high level of the offer. Piattine Profili Inox protects and ensures the secrecy of customers’ sensitive data, technology, systems, processes, plans, drawings and all other information that could have value to the customer by storing all confidential files in a safe central server, in a protected area, covered by passwords.


Quality certification
Quality and Control: an essential and critical issue which leads Ppinox to research for highest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing – meeting and exceeding all industry standards. This is why Piattine e Profili Inox has been one of the first Italian firms to obtain quality certification lSO 9002, now UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.



An advanced laboratory, inside the company, to point to a higher and higher quality.
The highly specialized technical staff condacts here the analysis and verification of materials.

Productions Lines

We have installed a brand new rolling plant multipass last generation for the production of special profiles. The plant, in addition to existing ones, allows to increase the production range of special profiles.